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We truly believe that if you see this industry as a job then you shouldn’t be in it. Our motto as a business is ‘Live for Food’ – we don’t see food as fuel, we see it as part of your life. Food brings people together and is with us at every major celebration; birthdays, weddings and even funerals – we celebrate with food.

After air and water, food is the most important product we can bring to people’s lives. Without it you wouldn’t exist.

Our aim is to make sure that when people are enjoying food, they are not only enjoying great flavours but also new and exciting products with bundles of innovation. We’ve spent countless hours, days and weeks working to find these products, working to enhance your menus to make them more exciting, more fun and also, with increasing importance, making eating an interactive experience.

We have a long history of working with food and working in the hospitality industry. Within our business sits leading event catering company, Absolute Taste, who work at some of the world’s most renowned events including The Open Championship, The Fever Tree Championship at Queens, Garsington Opera, all Grand Prix circuits around the world and the Saudi Cup in Riyadh. So, we know what it’s like…we’ve been the customer.

This gives us a great insight to understand our clients as through our hospitality business we also do what you do, something not many other companies can do. Coupled with this, we also only seek to work with a select group of clients, where we know we can add value through quality, service and development. Customers who share our values, vision and approach. 



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