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Here to help in this challenging time

The hospitality industry has been decimated, no question. Nobody can claim to be a leader in the field at this time, because nobody has had to deliver in quantity during this pandemic.

Our industry and our businesses have been ripped apart, put back together and ripped apart again – but as we sit here today, there is at least a plan and some light at the end of the tunnel.

So, the real question is – what does food supply look like in this new world? This is a question that we have contemplated over and over. We’ve taken the time to rethink, reimagine and redefine food supply and our aim now is simple – to be your leading food sourcing, consolidation and distribution partner. But more than that, we want to be here for you. We want to be the company you trust. We have invested time, skill, and money in building a unique facility dedicated to ensuring that we can provide your chefs the ingredients they need – be it meat, fish, dairy, fruit & veg or bakery in whole, prepared or cooked form. And here’s the key bit: on one consolidated truck. We believe this new service will help simplify your procurement and supply chain to enable you to focus on serving your customers.

Led by foodies and food developers, working with specialists in every food department.

We have teams of experts from logistics and forecasting to procurement and account handlers, development and chefs. All here to ensure we deliver the ingredients you need for your menus, wherever you are in the country.

We feel your pain, we understand the challenges. How? Because we’ve experienced first-hand through our sister company, Absolute Taste, and even at our own pub, The Muddy Duck, the effects of COVID-19.

So, we have a road map, a solid plan. If you are looking for a partner, we are here, we are ready and we have the relationships and infrastructure. We have a unique business model and we are here to support you – redefining the future of food supply.



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